A GAIJIN GUYS First! Live Podcasts on BAND-MAID In Minneapolis


If there could be one event that would bring the GAIJIN GUYS together, it would be—a BAND-MAID concert. As our favorite Japanese rock band performed in the Twin Cities for the first time on August 6, we decided to make this our first time to all be together.

Early on Sunday, we set up on location around the corner from Varsity Theater at Blarney Pub & Grill in Minneapolis. This classy establishment in Dinkytown kindly allowed us to podcast from their upstairs seating area. Moreover, many thanks to the excellent staff that served us and our audience.


After the first livestream during our usual time of 2 pm Eastern / 1 pm Central, we set off to see the metal maids. Along the way, we spoke to people in the crowd and BAND-MAID’s wonderful fans. Such as in the top image, where a super fan brought a Miffy plush toy for everyone to hug. Hopefully, that little Miffy made its way to BAND-MAID’s guitarist and vocalist MIKU Kobato whose a big fan of the Dutch cartoon rabbit.

The marquee of Varsity Theater beacons BAND-MAID fans to line up.

Once the hard-rocking quintet from Tokyo knocked our heads off, it was back to Blarney for the after-show. Now we could give it our real-time reaction and break down. Yet, if there is one word summing up the night, it was simply, “AWESOME!


Finally, thanks to you and our supporters for giving us the means to make this happen. Plus, special thanks to our family and staff behind the scenes backing us up.

Click here for a full report on BAND-MAID at Varsity Theater by Erik Christianson.

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