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About Us


The GAIJIN GUYS are American musicians discussing and reacting to Japanese music and media from Asia. Each week Alan (from the band Dicodec) hosts a podcast on the latest news and music releases in J-Rock, K-Rock, and J-Pop. He discusses these topics with YouTubers: Ryan Mear, Wave Potter, and The Champ Of Medium. Come hang out as they chat about music, anime, and media from Japan and Korea.





As a multi-talented musician, Alan has a vast knowledge of the touring industry from traveling extensively throughout the United States and Mexico. Over the years, he developed skills as a music teacher, audio engineer, and band manager. Notably, he collaborated with singer-songwriter Jon Paul—an exceptional musician with over 18 million views on his YouTube channel.

In June 2020, Alan began focusing exclusively on his current band, Dicodec, which he manages and performs in. Since then, the band’s YouTube channel has grown to include: original music, covers, band reactions, and song breakdowns. During which he discovered many talented Japanese artists and bands from East Asia. This discovery sparked Alan’s passion for the Japanese music scene and motivated him to build a community around it. Eventually bringing together fellow reactors: Ryan Mear, Wave Potter, and The Champ Of Medium to create the GAIJIN GUYS PODCAST.


A “cheesehead” from Wisconsin, Wave began playing drums at two years old. During his formative years, he learned guitar, bass, and piano culminating in writing and composition by age 14 with eight albums and an EP. Since then, he’s played in cover bands that span classic rock, alternative, pop, funk, and R&B. Despite that experience, his passion for music faded while coming up short of success in his musical career.

Until recently, when he discovered a nine-year-old drummer, Yoyoka Soma, playing a cover of the Foo Fighters’ hit The Pretender. The young Japanese musician reminded Wave of his early days as a drummer, so much so that it reignited his passion for music. This discovery of talented Japanese artists sent him down a rabbit hole of YouTube videos in J-Rock. Stumbling one after another on amazing groups like BAND-MAID, LOVEBITES, and NEMOPHILA. Now, he shares his love of music with fellow reactors on the GAIJIN GUYS PODCAST.

The Champ Of Medium

Before conquering the mediums, a young Richard Guadagno from New Jersey knew only of the songs he heard on the radio. Until one lucky day, at a friend’s house, he heard Metallica’s Until It Sleeps—and that song blew open doors in his mind! Inspired by this, he would pick up a guitar and study under the virtual tutelage of Metallica, Pantera, and In Flames. While in high school, he started his first band: Shrapnel. Though they had a short existence, they valiantly opened for Joey Belladonna of Anthrax in NYC.

After a few more short stints with other bands, he spectacularly found himself performing as a bassist in a band at the South by Southwest festival in Texas. Through the ups and downs of the music business, he would take a break from it all for several years. That was until his love of music was reinvigorated by the discovery of the Far East music scene. Upon which, like that lucky day in his youth with Metallica, the champ finds that BTS, BLACKPINK, BAND-MAID, LOVEBITES, and NEMOPHILA now blow his mind! His love of music and song structure continues to this day, and he actively reviews and talks about music on his own YouTube channel and the GAIJIN GUYS PODCAST.

Ryan Mear

As a self-taught virtuoso, Ryan has a lifelong obsession with American hard rock, heavy metal, and blues. That is until now, as he has come to love Japanese hard rock and metal; and the occasional obsession with American hard rock, heavy metal, and blues. While playing guitar for many years, he finds time to express himself artistically through drawings. Plus, he continues growing his musicianship by dabbling with other instruments and sings on top of it as well!