Apart from BTS, Agust D boldly goes solo on “D-DAY”


South Korean artist Agust D, prominently known as SUGA from BTS, released his debut LP, D-DAY, on April 21 through digital platforms and retail stores. The lead rapper from the wildly popular K-Pop group BTS drops his solo album while the band goes on a temporary hiatus.

Notably the foremost single, Haegeum, since premiering on YouTube has easily amassed over 24 million views. Our resident K-Pop reactor, The Champ Of Medium, popped off on his channel to rave about the compelling music video.


Champ notes the duality in Agust D’s visual story where the rapper plays both a cop and a criminal. While the characters mirror each other, they act in their own interest with contrasting decision-making. Interestingly, Champ highlights the choices Agust D wrestles with as the characters reflect human drives and emotions.

Haegeum‘s punctuating beats of heavy hip-hop set Agust D apart from the more popular hits of BTS. Yet, this is only the first of ten songs on D-DAY that present a mix of styles. According to a review from NYLON on this album, Agust D “boasts his skills as a musician, songwriter, and producer through a diverse range of sounds from boom-bap to coats of autotune, alternative rock, and even a piano sample from the late renowned producer Ryuchi Sakamoto.”

Agust D - Haegeum
Agust D ‘Haegeum’ Official MV

Undoubtedly this release will preoccupy fans while BTS takes a hiatus as members Jin and J-Hope serve in the Republic of Korea Armed Forces. Perhaps they are asking, what comes next from the other members? And check back as we look forward to the SUGA | Agust D’s D-DAY TOUR.

D-DAY is available now, check it out here.

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