GAIJIN GUYS Give Away Aftershock 2023 Passes: Life-changing Story Winner


In partnership with Aftershock 2023, we are happy to announce the winner of our GAIJIN GUYS Care Giveaway contest. On our September 10 podcast, we chose the story that connected the most emotionally with us.

There were many amazing and heart-warming stories, but we felt the most deserving was from a fan about how Avenged Sevenfold dramatically saved her life. In a message from Jenny, she details how songs like Seize The Day and Hail To The King gave her the strength to keep going in life. More importantly, despite the tragedies and hardships she faced, she kept on living life!


Well, congratulations Jenny! You got two Weekend General Admission passes to Aftershock 2023 at Discovery Park in Sacramento, CA. Plus, you can be right there, in person, to see Avenged Sevenfold when they headline on Thursday, October 5; kicking off the first night of the festival!

Aftershock 2023

Lastly, a special message from GAIJIN GUY Ryan:

Ryan here,

One very important thing is that all the submissions authors hear. You are not alone. I wish we could give passes to you all, but we can’t, and after reading your stories, it breaks my heart. To pick one seems unfair, but what this shows is how amazing, powerful, and literally life-saving music is.
It is an escape
It is a savior
It is a therapy session
It is a bringing of calm
It is a genuine lifesaver

So, does not being alone lessen the impact of your situation?? Not in the slightest, but I want you to know that as much as you may feel that what you dealt with was something no one will understand, this “contest” proves otherwise. Many of us are damaged and many of us have turned to music to help with these issues.

I know it was an escape through some dark times of my own, and Nine Inch Nails was the music that let me know that I’m unique. But not alone in pain! Many suffer and many make it through, that meant I could make it through, too.

Thank you, everyone, for your stories and for sharing some of your heart.
We wish you well.

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