Incubus Invites BAND-MAID As Support Act For Tokyo Show

Japanese Rockers Band-Maid meet Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger at Pointfest 2023

Following a busy and successful 2023, hard-rocking BAND-MAID announces they will open as Special Guests for well-known prog-rock band Incubus in Tokyo. This show on May 1 will be the last stop for Incubus, following 15 shows in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and The Philippines.

Notably, this will be BAND-MAID’s second performance at Tokyo Garden Theater. Yet, unlike last time, in the venue where they held the epic final concert of their ambitious 10 Year Anniversary tour that started in January 2023. Now, they return as the support act for the award wining American band.

The two bands met last Summer at the Pointfest festival in St. Louis, where Incubus headlined. Incubus lead guitarist Michael Einziger became an admirer of the Maids and their music. Indeed, following that show, Einziger posted an Instagram story about BAND-MAID worthy of a superfan–here’s a snapshot from his Instagram story.

Michael and BAND-MAID members are just as enthused about the upcoming Tokyo team-up; see his announcement here. BAND-MAID members each posted the announcement on their social media as well.

BAND-MAID and Incubus will appear at Tokyo Garden Theater May 1
BAND-MAID special guests with Incubus–from drummer AKANE’s Instagram.

In the recent past, BAND-MAID has put their limitless energy into joining other music superstars on the bill, opening for Guns N’ Roses in Tokyo (Nov. 2022) and Japan’s The Last Rock Stars in L.A. and New York (Jan. 2023). They also electrified rock and metal fans at major U.S. festivals while on recent tours: Aftershock in 2022 and the huge Lollapalooza in 2023.

Incidentally, GAIJIN GUY Alan captured BAND-MAID’s set at Aftershock, where they shared the bill with many of the biggest names in music.

In brief, all these gigs make sense as part of BAND-MAID’s long-standing goal of “World Domination“; for the band and their music to become known and loved by people worldwide. BAND-MAID fans would agree—all it takes for rock and metal fans to become BAND-MAID fans is to see them live onstage!

See the full announcement on the BAND-MAID website.



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