j-hope of BTS banks 100M with “on the street”


The K-pop and rap collab between j-hope and J. Cole with on the street hits 100 million streams on Spotify. According to the play statistics on the digital music service, it’s crossing over the significant milestone as of June 9.


Additionally, the music video on YouTube with the BTS rapper and an American rapper is nearing 40 million views since going up on March 2. For sure, the song’s popularity demonstrates the power of j-hope as an artist. Yet, it’s a sharp contrast to the recent BTS release Take Two, which has way less j-hope on vocals.


According to allkpop.com, some fans are disappointed that the rapper has less than 10 seconds of vocals in the release that dropped on June 9. Could this be a sign of changes in the future of BTS?

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