Mongolian Rock, The HU On Metallica And Fame


At Aftershock 2023 this past October, the GAIJIN GUYS interviewed the Mongolian band, The HU. We wanted to know how they got on The Metallica Blacklist album. Plus, how did they feel about reaching international success? We sat down with band member Enkush for a brief chat.


Interestingly, The HU was formed in 2016, where they incorporated traditional Mongolian instrumentation into a folk metal style. They call this music “hunnu rock”, a term inspired by an ancient tribal confederation known as Hünnü in Mongolia. Their war cries and guttural chants combine surprisingly well with a heavy metal groove. In fact, they have been recognized around the world for their technique and are often invited to festivals like Aftershock.

Click here to learn more about this unique band.

Photo credit: Steve Thrasher

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