NEMOPHILA Slow Down Tempo For Rock Ballad “ODYSSEY”


Japanese metal band NEMOPHILA, known for songs heavier than hell, shows a softer side with the rock ballad ODYSSEY. Uploaded to their YouTube channel last Friday, the music video casts the hard-rocking quintet in soft and bright lighting while performing the new track. Interestingly, it is part of the promotion for the anime movie Oshiri Tantei [おしりたんてい] based on the beloved Japanese children’s character.


Moreover, it is no coincidence that the song sounds like a classic operatic rock suite. According to guitarist SAKI in a recent post, ODYSSEY‘s chorus was influenced by Brian May of Queen. While it may be not quite on the scale of an epic like Bohemian Rhapsody, there is an appreciation for that operatic style here in this theme song. On hearing ODYSSEY, even as it’s sung in all Japanese, the heartfelt piano and classic guitar riffs convey vibrant, passionate emotions that complement the apparent story in the upcoming anime film.

Get swept away in this cover art for ODYSSEY

ODYSSEY, along with the recent release of Enigma and Night Flight, will be on Nemophila’s next full album, Evolve, which drops on January 17.

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