Paledusk Rocking Europe and UK This Summer!

Paledusk - I'm ready to die for my friends - 2023

The upstart rock band from Japan, Paledusk, announces overseas tour dates for Europe and UK. This June and July, they will be globe-trotting on their Paledusk EUROPE & UK Summer Tour 2023.

Paledusk - Europe and UK tour - 2023

Moreover, Paledusk emerged in 2020 and garnered international attention with a unique blend of metalcore, industrial, and EDM. The independent group made a heavy impact with the release of SLAY!! featuring HIDEYOSHI.


A few weeks back, GAIJIN GUY Alan lost it reacting to I’m ready to die for my friends featuring VIGORMAN, the latest from Paledusk.


By the way, are you as committed to dying for your friends as Paledusk? And be sure to ask Alan if he is ready to die for the GAIGIN GUYS!

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