SiM Confounds Nashville; Confirms World Tour 2024


Nashville, TN — On Friday, September 15, Japanese band SiM confused an unsuspecting crowd at the Wildhorse Saloon. The Music City’s popular line dance venue held a different type of dance than what most country and western folks expect. Mainly, it was the circle pit and wall of death springing up during the Dance Gavin Dance: The Jackpot Juicer US Tour.

The stunned audience at Wildhorse Saloon mosh on the country music dance floor.

As SiM was the third support act of the concert, their first song had to get the room’s attention. Subsequently, the opening bars of their metal fusion track, Get Up, Get Up, rocked the audience. Until the bridge, where the song morphed into Bob Marley’s classic reggae hit Get Up Stand Up. Vocalist MAH asks the crowd, “Are you confused?” Then he explained how SiM is a “Reggae Punk” band, even though their nearly twenty-year discography contains a mix of metalcore, reggae, ska, and hip hop.

SiM’s heavy hitter, “The Rumbling” becomes a singalong!

While most fans in the audience were there for the headliner, SiM’s energy and eclectic mix of headbanging metal and funk won over the crowd. MAH’s over-the-top hand gestures on TxHxC and GUNSHOTS were amusingly recognizable to even an American audience. Yet, the most exciting moment came when the crowd sang along with their tremendous hit The Rumbling from the anime Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2.

Additionally, they performed their newest song KiSS OF DEATH. Click below for this reggae and punk banger!


Most importantly, during the performance, MAH confirmed what we had expected in a recent news post about their next tour. Indeed, SiM will be headlining an overseas world tour starting in Spring 2024. This news follows up on their next album PLAYDEAD, which will be released in a few weeks.


  1. Get Up, Get Up
  2. TxHxC
  6. The Sound Of Breath
  7. The Rumbling
  8. KiLLiNG ME
  9. f.a.i.t.h

Also noteworthy fact: the band’s name is an abbreviation of their original name, “Silence iz Mine.” And over on the Dicodec YouTube channel, here are Alan’s comments when he saw SiM last month in Las Vegas. Do you think he will see them again next year?

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