Marty Friedman U.S. Tour Dates; NEMOPHILA New Album!

Today’s show is a banger because the guys managed to get online at our new earlier hour! We have much to discuss with the latest scoops on the busiest artists this month: Marty Friedman and NEMOPHILA. Japan-based American guitarist Marty Friedman is visiting the U.S. Plus, our favorite J-Metal girls in NEMOPHILA drop a trailer

Is Guitar Still Important in 2023?

Is the guitar a dead instrument? As rock musicians, we have a different opinion; we make our case. Also, on this podcast, we review concert reports from BABYMETAL and BAND-MAID. Apparently, they are way more professional than we realized. Perhaps we should pay more attention! Plus, a robust discussion of our song picks for the

NEMOPHILA Covers Metallica?!?!

Alan is on the road again! Yet, in this podcast, we try breaking down NEMOPHILA’s cover of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” song. Why has Metallica become the go-to for cover songs these days? Then, onto the debate of edgy new tracks between Paledusk’s “RUMBLE” and JILUKA’s “VENΦM.” Which one will give you the biggest headache?

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