This Maid’s Day, BAND-MAID Wants Your Vote


Today, BAND-MAID asks fans to choose a song for their THE DAY OF MAID SPECIAL TALK. Every year the Japanese hard-rock group presents something special for the tenth day in May.

Why May 10? In Japan, the date read aloud sounds like “MAY-DO” which sounds like “maid”—hence Maid’s Day. For 2023, they will have a presentation premiering on their YouTube channel. Set a reminder for May 10, 2023, at 6 pm (JST).

Which song will you choose for Maid’s Day?

Moreover, see them in person when they perform in a city near you in America! Until then, check out their latest hard-hitting NO GOD live video from January 9, 2023, at Tokyo Garden Theater.

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